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October 2013
I was in the haunted room and I looked in the mirror and a young very pretty girl was standing with her arm around my shoulder and then I heard her whisper "you look like I did at your age but with brown hair". I turned around and I didn't see anyone. I was skeptical at first but at Rebecca’s restaurant I took a picture and in the picture she was sitting across from me. That night in my room I was bored so I got a pad of paper and a pen and started writing. I fell asleep writing and when I woke up someone had wrote: I know you are leaving today even though I wish you would stay longer I hope you had a good time with me hope to see you soon - Rebecca. I checked out and as I was getting in my car I heard her whisper in my ear goodbye my new sister.

August 29, 2011

I was eating down at Rebecca’s and I had to go to the restroom so I left to go back to my room and I was sitting there and I heard the floor squeaking as if there was a person walking towards the door and it stopped right outside the door and then I heard tapping noises in the wall but it stopped so I tried to make myself believe it was the people in the next room. About a minute later and I look to the shower and all of sudden and then the curtain moved as if a big breeze came through at the curtain and it only waved once and then it stopped completely still. I can’t lie, I ran out as fast as I could. I never thought something like that could happen to me.
- Avalon W.

August 18, 2011

I stayed at the Lodge a few years back, and during the night I felt something grab my big toe more than once. Never told anyone at the hotel. I know the Lodge has a guest book for recording strange occurrences. Have there been other guests who've had their toes grabbed / pinched. Trying to settle a bet with a friend. I know this is a silly request, but a response would be appreciated. Thanks.

- Javier G.

June 27, 2010
About 5:00 a.m. I awoke and felt my friend move over to my bed, to be under the air conditioning vent.* She was so quiet that I couldn't believe she'd already moved my book, magazines, purse, etc. that I'd left on the bed. I heard the whispering and movement of air as one moves quietly at night and then a sigh of bed and woman, and the bed sink in on my left. Another sign and whoosh and the pillow and mattress settled a bit lower.

I held still because I didn't want her to know I was awake. But then I opened my eyes and saw that my friend was still in her own bed. There were no further sensations.

I vow I do not have sensations like this; in fact this is perhaps my first experience.

*She's hot natured but took the other bed so I'd told her if she got hot in the night, she could move over by me.
- R.R., TX

March 14, 2003
My friend, Jan, and I came to the Lodge on Wednesday, 3-12-03, for a two night stay. We have heard the legend of Rebecca and hoped to "meet?her.

On Thursday, we were relaxing in the Gazebo by the pool, and Jan decided to run back to our room to get her camera for a few shots she wanted to take. She was gone an awfully long time, and when she returned, she said, "You're not gonna believe this!?When she got to the room the message light on the phone was blinking, so she called her husband in Midland, TX, to find out who needed one of us. To make a long story short, our "investigation?of this turned up no phone calls from family or friends back home. Maybe someone accidently got the wrong room, but, then again...

We planned to get up during the night Thursday and "sneak?around to try to find Rebecca. We got up at about 3:30 a.m. Jan went into the bathroom, and I turned on my bedside lamp, which turned off and on about four times. Our little foray into the Lodge was shortlived. The floors creaked so much, we were afraid of disturbing other guests and went back to our room. I went back downstairs to the soda machine for a soft drink. On my way back up to our room, I turned and looked down the hall toward the Governor's Suite and saw…something. It was "movement,?but nothing appeared to be actually there. It was almost like a disturbance of shadow and light. It may have been Rebecca, or it may have been my wanting so badly to have an encounter. Who knows? I do know that we'll be back to look for her again!
- Dee Dee, NM

August 1, 2002
My friend, Roseabelle, and I went up into the tower today. We went to see the view and possibly "Rebecca.?The view is spectacular, which is what Rebecca enjoys also. She came and sat in a chair by us and was glad for the visit. She's a tiny lady, 5?to 5??maybe. She loves the artist's illustration of her, but he "forgot?the freckles. She still loves the Lodge and absolutely enjoys the attention. She likes to escort people into the Lodge and feels like a caretaker here. She knows the food is good and appreciates the type of people who come here. She also appreciates the employees who acknowledge her and often follows them around.

The tower is her favorite spot.

Thanks Rebecca for the visit. See you again.

McMurry Memories ?July 28, 2001
This place is magic. Always has been. Well, ever since I started coming to Cloudcroft with my parents in about 1943, when I was 12. My father and I loved playing golf here. He always liked hitting the golf ball in this high altitude and hearing it "echo down the canyon like a cannon shot.?We came every summer and spend a couple of weeks or so until I went off to college.

We liked staying at the Lodge. When we drove in from Midland, I couldn't wait to get on the golf course, but I'd have to go alone the first day. Never understood why my dad had to have a day to "get acclimated.?

My friend Rudy would always meet us at the course. He was a fine caddy. When he was promoted to caddy master, it made me as proud as he was himself. Rudy and I shared an unusual skill ?I taught him how to "whistle double?(two simultaneous notes). He got pretty good at it and would perform for all the golfers, with or without a request.

The golf course in those days was only 10 holes. We'd play the first and last holes only once and the other twice to make 18. It was a bit dicey sharing fairways with golfers coming the other way. I always thought you could get killed a lot. Saw several folks get hit with incoming golf balls but, surprisingly, no one that I saw was ever seriously hurt. Once I was hit in the stomach by a ball that had already bounced. I wasn't hurt but just for fun I fell to the ground and faked an agonizing scream. The oncoming foursome, some loud hackers from Oklahoma, came running up in a panic. My partners helped me to my feet and assured the Tulsa hitter that I would probably be alright. They treated us to soft drinks and sandwiches when we got in ?it worked.

I remember that I enjoyed playing with some of the locals. Fun guys, good golfers: Dutch Lane, Jack Parker, Jimmy Hendricks. On one occasion Dutch and I both drove no. 18 green, a feat of some rarity, and we managed to come away with substantial winnings from side bets. Never heard the end of that.

The only double eagle I ever witnessed in my life was on the old no. 5 hole. It was a 5-par hole with an impossible side-hill green. During the annual amateur tournament Billy Maxwell's second shot hit in the uphill weeds, bounced a couple of times and rolled zig-zag for 10 yards onto the green and into the hole. Unbelievable. He went on to win the tournament (that was a couple of years before he turned pro and won the Azalea Open).

I remember driving with a 5-iron on some of the holes. I'm sure I can't do it now, but I intend to try. I'll still love playing on this unique golf course.

One thing I never understood was the gal who sometimes, not often, seemed to hang out in the woods late in the afternoon. It was close to what was then no. 7 green. I can't prove it, but when she was in the vicinity I imagined that I heard music. Probably just the wind in the pines. She was strange. Pretty girl. Had red hair.

I'll not forget nor quit this place. Fond memories. Good times. Traditions. Hondo said it best: you can't forget memories.
- Fred D.M.

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