The Lodge at Cloudcroft is a historic & elegant country inn resort resting at 9,000 ft. Originally established in 1899, The Lodge holds a rich and treasured history. Within its halls you can feel the influence of famous guests like Judy Garland & Pancho Villa as well as the ghostly presence of the spirit Rebecca. As you check in to the hotel, you truly get the sense that it’s charmed…

History of The Lodge

The Original Lodge

Constructed in 1899 by the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway as a by-product of the railroad’s search for timber and railway ties, the resort of Cloudcroft became immediately successful mountain retreat. Owned and operated by the railroad, the resort’s initial building was a pavilion, now The Pavilion Bed and Breakfast at The Lodge.

As the actual log-constructed Lodge reached completion in 1901, an article in the Albuquerque Journal-Democrat reported, “This beautiful building will be known as The Cloudcroft Lodge and its interior will be furnished with a lavish hand, yet in keeping with the character of the place. Fireplaces, with wide, hungry mouths, will sparkle, crackle and dart forth welcome tongues of flame to hundreds of merry guests, who will find a new pleasure in life during the long, sultry summer.”

In 1908, the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad System, the resort’s new owner, advertised that the hotel, restaurant, dancing pavilion, tennis court, golf links, bowling alley, billiard parlor, burro trips and children’s playground were accessible for weekend rates of $3.00 round trip. Lodge rates were $12.50 and up per week.

In the early morning of June 13, 1909, a disastrous fire destroyed the original Lodge due to a defective flue in the kitchen fireplace. While all guests were accounted for, most escaped without their belongings. The summer season continued unimpeded, however residents of the growing town grew very concerned that the hotel would not be rebuilt and it would mean the end of Cloudcroft.

Building of a new Lodge

There was some question as to if the hotel would be rebuilt as the EP&SW Railroad owned by The Phelps Dodge Corporation had little interest in the resort they inherited with the railroad.  A group of local doctors led by Dr. H. E. Stevenson managed to persuade the Railroad to consider rebuilding by touting the numerous health benefits the cool climate could bring to sick children. While this caught their attention, the railroad asked for those interested in the rebuilding project to buy shares in the new building to show how much interest there was. The response was overwhelmingly in the resort’s favor. By 1911, The Lodge had been rebuilt and reopened on its current, more scenic site. Since then it has undergone numerous renovations, but the initial appearance remains almost unchanged.

A History of Notable Figures

Over the history of The Lodge, thousands of Southwestern families have called The Lodge and Cloudcroft their second home. The Lodge has entertained and hosted hundreds of politicians, artists, entertainers and business leaders, including such notables as Pancho Villa, Judy Garland, Clark Gable, & Gilbert Roland . Both U. S. and Mexican government officials have long visited the historic hotel. Military leaders, scientists and astronauts from all over the world have made The Lodge a retreat during their visits to White Sands Missile Range, Holloman AFB and Fort Bliss. In fact, the most famous hotelier in the world was once associated with The Lodge, with Conrad Hilton as its manager in the 1930’s.

The Lodge Today

After the operation of the property successfully for 29 years by Great Inns of the Rockies, Inc., The Lodge entered a new era of ownership by New Mexico Adventures, LLC a company owned by Lanna & Joe Duncan of Fort Davis, Texas in March 2015. They have a 25 year history in historic hotels ownership & preservation in West Texas and are committed to The Lodge tradition of friendliness, hospitality, outstanding food & unique lodging.

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Landmark Choice Among New Mexico Resorts

Seasoned by a rich and cultured past, The Lodge at Cloudcroft beckons you with alluring promises of intrigue. But more than that, this magnificent Cloudcroft New Mexico hotel and resort possesses a quality unlike any other retreat. From the turn-of-the-century fire that destroyed the original structure to its ghostly inhabitants to its storied past, our resort offers a haunting presence that can be felt to your very core. Inside its halls, magic moments live again and again – making this a place that never completely leaves your heart. Towering 9,000 feet above sea level, this prestigious New Mexico resort offers leisure and business travelers an entrancing location. 




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