Guest Rooms

We offer individually appointed guest rooms within our main building. Bed options include king, queen, and two queen sized beds.

Platinum Rooms are located in the entirety of our north wing. They have been renovated to an American Craftsman style similar to the style first used when the hotel was built in 1911. The result is a relaxing space with modern amenities such as heated tiles in the bathroom. A number of Family Parlor Suites in this style are also available, providing spacious accomodations for larger parties.

A view of a Double Queen Platinum Room facing the beds. A view of a Double Queen Platinum Room facing the windows and dressers. A view of a Double Queen Platinum Room's bathroom.  

Mezzanine Rooms are located on the 2nd floor Mezzanine level in the south wing. These guest rooms capture a charming romantic allure with vintage and furniture.

A Double Queen Superior room in the south wing. A Double Queen Superior room in the south wing.

Victorian Rooms are located on the 3rd floor in the south wing. These guest rooms have an air of sophistication with their crystal chandeliers and breathtaking views of the surrounding area. We should note that due to a lack of an elevator, these rooms are only reachable by stairs.

You can book these rooms by visiting our Reservations Page.

Landmark Choice Among New Mexico Resorts

Seasoned by a rich and cultured past, The Lodge at Cloudcroft beckons you with alluring promises of intrigue. But more than that, this magnificent Cloudcroft New Mexico hotel and resort possesses a quality unlike any other retreat. From the turn-of-the-century fire that destroyed the original structure to its ghostly inhabitants to its storied past, our resort offers a haunting presence that can be felt to your very core. Inside its halls, magic moments live again and again – making this a place that never completely leaves your heart. Towering 9,000 feet above sea level, this prestigious New Mexico resort offers leisure and business travelers an entrancing location. 

Please note that we are still working on renovations inside and out around the property.




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